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-113MtNet carbon footprintNet carbon footprint
87MtTotal carbon emissions
200MtPurchased carbon offsets

Valtira is a carbon neutral company

We’re committed to operating sustainably by continuously working to measure and reduce our carbon footprint. In 2022, we’ve cut our carbon emissions by nearly half and purchased carbon offsets in meaningful projects that allow us to continue to have a negative carbon footprint.

We enable changemakers to uncover opportunities and deliver value

Customer Stories

Increase Conversion Rates

Valtira helped Edina Realty run a series of Conversion Rate Optimization tests on their website which lead to an increase of conversions by 27%.

Improve Customer Experience

Valtira increased sales by enhancing the customer experience with a clear information architecture and user experience that allowed both customers and employees a more intuitive experience.

Deliver Scalable eCommerce

Valtira deployed, enhanced, and customized an eCommerce system that improved scalability, interoperability, and increased operational efficiency while offering a new level of personalization to customers.

Gain Actionable Data

We architected a plan to integrate disparate systems to improve data access, increase operational efficiency and ROI of internal systems. This included data from ERP, warehousing, CRM, eCommerce systems and more.

Develop Custom Digital Products

Valtira has partnered with AcornTV and RLJ entertainment for the past decade building custom video subscription solutions that met business goals while gaining subscribers at a pace that exceeded expectations.

Modernize Your IT Infrastructure

Valtira optimized IT efficiency and improved security via modern cloud-based solutions and DevOps processes at Northern Brewer. How? We assessed their current infrastructure, developed a strategic roadmap, and deployed their new infrastructure.