We specialize in architecting, designing and building complex business solutions

We are passionate about technology and the ever-changing digital landscape. This enthusiasm shows through in all of our work. Founded in 2003 in Minneapolis, Valtira has been challenging the norm and building innovative online solutions for almost two decades.

Flexible and Iterative Approach

We remove layers of administrative overhead and put you in direct contact with the individual team members performing the work. No longer do you have to communicate with multiple account managers to relay a message to a developer – you can speak to them directly.

Extensive Experience in Technology

Our primary focus on technology allows us the depth of expertise to work on many different kinds of projects. From building custom APIs to integrating 3rd party software into responsive websites to custom SaaS solutions, Valtira has what it takes to get the job done.

Custom Technology Solutions

As a result of having a “full stack” team, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver custom solutions. The technical complexities of many digital projects require this skillset, and Valtira has the flexibility and knowledge to deliver. Every solution we offer is designed to be scalable, integrated, and technologically sound.

Business Results First

When we engage with a client, one of the first questions we’re asking is how will this new idea improve your business. Whether it’s saving internal teams time or improving the customer experience, we help to identify those goals at the outset of the project to ensure we’re meeting those goals each step of the way.

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A Dynamic Team

At Valtira, we work in a collaborative, agile way. We pair our team of senior, technical professionals with our client’s subject matter experts to build powerful teams that can show progress quickly and deliver fast. We typically build out phases that allow us to address the primary goals of the project quickly.

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Our Approach

Strategy & Discovery

Strategy & Discovery

We plan the strategic, creative, functional, and technical aspects of the website or web app during the discovery phase. This phase is of utmost importance to the project as the deliverables will be the basis for not only the website build-out but the overall digital strategy. We also outline the Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s during this stage.

Enterprise Architecture

Legacy Technology Analysis

User Experience Strategy

Technical Assessment

Competitive Analysis

Data Strategy

MVP Definition

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The Information Architecture dictates the structure of the site and validates the user’s path from entry to conversion. Wireframes highlight how each page type is laid out on both desktop and mobile devices. Our user experience team determines how to best layout each page for an intuitive and user-centric experience on every page of the website. Once IA, Wireframes, and UX are complete we take the detailed wireframes and translate them to clean and artful experiences that fit your brand.

Information Architecture

User Experience Design

Digital Marketing


User Testing

Visual Design

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Using the delivered design and strategy documentation, our team of developers merges the design with the technology. The development phase is performed as a series of sprints delivering functionality as it is completed in accordance with the project plan and technical architecture. Ongoing status reports and development deliverables are created and tested in-line as they are completed.

Cloud Solutions; AWS, Azure

Responsive Frameworks

CMS Integrations

Big Data

Progressive Web Apps

Native Mobile

Video Streaming

ADA Compliance



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Once completed, the site is thoroughly tested against the documented test plans and submitted to the client for acceptance testing. Upon acceptance, the site is moved from the development environment to the production server and made live.




Quality Assurance

Performance Testing

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