Cloud Solutions

Speed, Reliability and Security

Valtira is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner. AWS has emerged as the leader in cloud technology and provides the best speed, reliability, flexibility and security of any cloud-based platform. We deploy most of our sites into the Amazon Cloud and pass the cost savings onto our clients. If you’re not yet taking advantage of all that cloud technology has to offer, we can also assist you in migrating your site or web apps to the Amazon Cloud.

Cost Optimization

Building a scalable, secure infrastructure is important, but so is optimizing your costs in the cloud. Valtira employs a number of techniques to provide the same security and reliability at significantly reduced costs. We can rightsize instance types for workload, utilize a spot market, create synthetic workloads and benchmark your instances to provide insights on optimization and utilization of resources.

Cloud Hosting

The majority of our web projects are deployed into the Amazon Cloud for its speed, reliability, and security. Let us worry about accessibility and security; we handle all the monitoring, patching, and bug fixes.

Cloud Consulting

Architecting your cloud infrastructure to meet the specific needs of your business and applications can be challenging. That’s why Valtira offers an AWS Architecture Consulting service. Our experience covers a vast array of AWS offerings including: VPC networking design, auto-scaling setup and configuration, microservices architecture (Lambda, S3, Elastic BeanStalk, API Gateways), and data migration.

Customer Service

One of our greatest assets in managing complex systems in the cloud is our people. Your servers, databases, applications, and all other infrastructure are only as good as the administrators who develop them. That’s why we have a full team of skilled, experienced DevOps Administrators working to manage your stack.

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