Valtira has become a carbon neutral company



Every day that goes by, the need to reduce carbon emissions is getting more urgent. These emissions do not only come from smokestacks and vehicle exhaust systems. Technology solutions and IT infrastructure contribute as much as the global airline industry.

It is up to all of us to help in the reduction to net zero as soon as possible.

So we started with our part. We are excited to announce that in 2021, Valtira became a carbon neutral company, a key milestone in the company’s 18 year history.

Valtira 2021 Emissions

We analyzed our carbon footprint including direct and indirect metric tons (Mt) of CO2 emissions, determining the offset purchase needed to become carbon neutral.

Scope 1: Direct Emissions

0 Mt

Direct Emissions

Scope 2: Indirect Emissions – Owned

Purchased energy

93 Mt

(Office electricity, heating, & cooling)

Scope 3: Indirect Emissions – Not Owned

Upstream activities

17 Mt

Purchased goods and services – production related (dev cloud, offshore home offices, SaaS tools)

1 Mt

Purchased goods and services – non-production related (SaaS tools)

29 Mt

Fuel and energy related activities not captured above (home offices)

2 Mt

Capital goods (laptops, monitors, phones)

Downstream activities

2 Mt

Use of sold products (cloud hosting)

145 Mt

Total Emissions

-200 Mt

Purchased carbon offsets

-55 Mt

Net carbon footprint

Our offset purchase is helping repurpose land in Papua New Guinea originally scheduled for commercial timber harvesting into a forest carbon project.

This project is verified by Pachama, which is harnessing AI, satellite data and carbon markets to drive funding to effective forest restoration and conservation. Click here for more detail

We will build on our carbon reduction leadership both for our company as well as our clients in 2022, and we look forward to updating you as we move forward together. 

We welcome a discussion with you about this important topic.

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