Are you a Changemaker?


At Valtira, we’ve built custom tools in various industries since 2003 – from healthcare to video streaming – real estate to manufacturing and everything in-between. We’ve found one commonality in our most successful projects and that is what we call the ‘changemaker’.

What is a changemaker?

The changemaker is a stakeholder within a company who looks at the processes and customer experience they are delivering and imagines a different way it could be done. Changemakers have the subject matter expertise that can expose the opportunities within their delivery, product, or internal processes but they may not have the technical expertise and resources to bring their idea to life. When Valtira joins forces with these individuals amazing things can happen!

Changemakers find new ways to create value

A changemaker is someone who observes the business processes around them in search of new ways to create value

A changemaker is someone who observes the business processes around them in search of new ways to create value, challenge the status quo and make a difference in their organization. Changemakers are always looking for more efficient ways of doing things and inspiring others to see their vision.

For example, they might have an idea to build an internal tool that could save teams time by eliminating manual processes, or they could think of a new way to deliver a better customer experience by improving fulfillment times and further building brand loyalty.

To drive change, a successful changemaker is part salesperson, part product owner, they need to build support for their idea. Early on, it’s crucial to think through the product vision centering on these main tasks:

  • Identifying the problem or opportunity
  • Articulating your solution clearly so others understand it
  • Proving the value of your solution (internal proof points + customer validation)
  • Defining rough costs and timelines associated along with milestones that build trust in the team, solution and the delivery process

To begin this process, you need a clear and well thought out set of deliverables that communicates your idea to stakeholders and leadership.

How can Valtira enable changemakers to deliver value?

Valtira typically starts with a technical assessment to outline the processes currently in place. We then work with the changemaker to outline their new vision. Our UX team will work with them to begin to wireframe and prototype their vision. Meanwhile, our architecture team will develop a scalable technical architecture that will help turn the idea into a technological reality.

In addition to all the discovery work that is necessary, we will also begin roughing out estimations and timelines for the MVP build. One of the first questions business leaders will ask if they like an idea, is what is the cost and timeline, so it’s necessary to have rough estimates in place.

During this phase it’s also important to start identifying your internal and external teams, ensuring you have the right mix of subject matter experts, product owners, designers, QA and developers to bring the project to life.

What types of projects do changemakers lead?

These projects vary in industry but usually have common threads among them such as: personalized client content, integrated actionable data, integrated eCommerce, new solution prototypes, reaching new audiences and improving marketing ROI.

Some recent Valtira project examples include:

It’s all about the execution

From the initial technical assessment, through the build process, our expert team of architects, designers and developers blend our proven new product methodology with the latest cloud technologies to bring the product across the finish line. Our process will accelerate your time-to-market and reduce overall development cost.

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