Minnesota Healthcare Company

Member360 is a term often used in healthcare to describe having a holistic view of a member of health plans. Our client enlisted Valtira’s help to develop a tool that can be used throughout the organization by various teams to improve communications and overall care for their members.

Needs and Challenges

Many customers do not receive the proper care or health screenings simply because they do not know what’s recommended for their age group and health history. Our client needed a data management tool to help their customers receive the highest level of care, and allow customer representatives to recommend individualized health services. Their employees also needed easy access to unified, accurate data all in one platform.


Minnesota Healthcare Company and Valtira created a Member 360 tool that shows customer service representatives the recommended care for each member, allows health coaches to reach out to members with care solutions, and allows the marketing team to create campaigns to reach members via mail. If a member declines their recommended care, a representative can record their response, and the recommendation will be removed from their dashboard for a better customer experience.

Project Highlights

  • Discovery phase aimed at unifying hundreds of data sources into a single data lake that is secure and accessible for the company’s various internal tools.
  • User Experience design for a dashboard that makes the data easy to consume and focused on specific roles.
  • AWS architecture that adheres to the strict security needs.
  • Easy campaign creation and tracking.

Technical Architecture

Various services were built to bring the experience to life. Valtira built a Member 360 interface that associates utilize, customized for business teams, service, and marketing. We built an API Hub that acts as an intermediary/messenger between data and applications.

We built a data lake that is a repository that includes data storage, data movement, and analytics functions. Lastly, we unified data sources to ensure data moving into the data lake was accurate and not duplicative.


Valtira used modern javascript frameworks and technologies to build the serverless backend for this application. Reusable React components were built so that future portals and integrations could use the functionality that the platform exposed. Additionally, Node.js was used for the backend, to match the client’s technology choices and strategies across their IT platforms. Valtira helped inform sprint processes, code branching, and release and pipeline strategies to bring the product to production while integrating with internal security and architecture teams to align with enterprise-wide standards.

UX Design and Prototyping

We began prototyping the tool in 2018 and have continuously iterated ever since. As new teams use the tool, new functionality that is helpful to them is identified. We continue to iterate on the platform and work with their internal teams in 2-week sprints to continue to provide business value over the years. We have developed master sketch files, providing style guides for all functionality, along with Invision prototypes for team members to comment and distribute for approvals prior to new functionality going into development.