Digital Transformation

Transform Your Digital Experience

The digital transformation process involves asking a lot of questions to determine the best result for clients to update their technology infrastructure. The Valtira Architect team combs through our client’s existing technology looking for issues involving security, usability, business practices, and performance. This process involves business stakeholder interviews and results in a technology plan to move forward that is specific to individual businesses.

System Security Audit

  • Strictly looking for security holes and providing recommendations
  • Finding vulnerable software packages and vulnerable tech configurations
  • Auditing user access control to see if they have privileges they should not have

Technical Assessment

  • Interviewing stakeholders to determine if the product is viable and if the users are happy with the technology
  • Combing the system to determine opportunities for improvement (performance, usability, SWEOL, cost)
  • Assess the technology to see if it assists business processes already in place

Software Evaluation

  • Does the software solve business problems?
  • If the software doesn’t solve the problem, are there other software opportunities that will solve the business problem

Performance For Business Processes

  • Is my tech working for my business process?
  • Is the tech fast or dropping data that it shouldn’t?
  • Are stakeholders happy with the technology?

Technology and Architecture Recommendations

  • Legacy system replacement with a new one, or split a large system into small chunks
  • Software end of life. Libraries are no longer supported or have an old programming language that is no longer used

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