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Today, many healthcare providers struggle with information overload. Too many data sources spread across an organization with no single source of truth, leaving employees frustrated with multiple tabs open to finish a task and members frustrated by not having timely answers to their questions.

centralized hub that empowers teams

That’s where a Member 360 system can help, along with Valtira’s extensive experience building customized, secure, cloud-based platforms. Member 360 offers a profile for each member in a centralized hub that empowers teams across the organization and provides individualized care and advice to members.

What is Member 360?

Member 360 is a tool that provides a 360-degree view of individual members so that:

  • Customer service can better answer member questions
  • Teams can build personalized and relevant experiences
  • Marketing can better target campaigns
  • Care management can identify and engage members to close gaps in care
  • Teams can utilize analytics and gain insights about members

The Valtira Member 360 Process

We employ an interactive development framework that includes both internal and client teams. This involves a linear process starting with discovery work that guides designers, high-fidelity prototypes to guide development, and an efficient deployment method. In the background, we break down tasks and move in a circular process. This includes prioritization, building, testing, approval, and delivery of the task code.

We also conduct extensive user interviews with the teams using the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This included business, service, and marketing teams to ensure that the functionality they need is being addressed within the MVP. We also make sure to have several check-ins with those stakeholders throughout the development process to ensure that the initial vision isn’t lost during the development process.

How does Member 360 work?

As an example, a member receives a postcard in the mail alerting them of a program that might benefit them based on their condition. The member calls in to engage with one of the programs and the customer service representative accesses the member’s information, notices they have several gaps in care, and alerts a health coach. The health coach can see the same information as the customer service representative and helps the member with their medical needs. The marketing team can see a high-level view of the member population that shows gaps in care, and they can create campaigns to close these gaps.

Member 360 Infrastructure

The Member 360 interface is customized for business teams, services, and marketing. Below the surface, there are APIs that act as a messenger between data and applications. The data lake repository includes data storage, data movement, and analytic functions. Lastly, the data sources fuel the member 360 system.

Future Possibilities

Member 360 can be built in a way that allows new technologies to integrate seamlessly over time. Here are a few ideas to consider as you brainstorm what’s possible for your Member 360 system:

  • As the business gathers feedback, rapid prototyping allows teams to move quickly and bring new ideas to life.
  • A client portal would allow members to view their claims, unread messages, and respond to surveys.
  • An API can be used to embed data in phone or tablet-based applications or to enable new app-based functionality like Alexa or Siri.
  • Predictive analytics could help identify changes within the population.
  • Next Best Action could help you provide a recommendation based on their gaps in care.
  • Leveraging historical information could help you identify common paths and address possible risks before they become a reality.
  • Member 360 can tailor the message to the member for either inbound or outbound outreach and help them address their personalized need.

Valtira’s Expertise

Do you want to explore the possibilities of building a smart, intuitive Member 360 system? Valtira guides healthcare providers through digital product transformation, cloud solutions, web applications, DevOps support, and digital marketing. Drop us a line to see how we can help.

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