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Operational Excellence

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Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Valtira was an early adopter of the DevOps philosophy and has built an established practice around operational excellence in cloud-based applications. We offer both DevOps solutions architecture, as well as just-in-time and managed services around cloud-based applications and integrations, with a keen eye for scalability, uptime, and repeatability. We’ve been challenging the norm and building innovative online solutions for companies across the US for almost two decades.


Valtira has scaled monoliths and microservice-driven architectures in the cloud to support both smaller sites and sites with upwards of a million subscribers. Understanding how to leverage best practices and highly available architectures in the cloud is at the core of how we design and operate systems for our customers. By designing for high availability and horizontal scaling from the start, to keeping a keen eye on operational aspects of the running system, we can help scale your systems for prime-time traffic, and adapt to any changes via auto-scaling and enhanced monitoring.


Valtira leverages both cloud native and third-party observability tools to keep an eye on running systems and to alert us for any issues. We can work with you to understand the uptime requirements of your application and build rich external and internal / APM-based monitoring so that there is a birds-eye view into your application’s health and availability. Additionally, Valtira can support your teams with 24×7 response and SLAs when the business criticality of your services are high.

Security and Compliance

Valtira engages with customers to understand their needs from a compliance, security, and business continuity standpoint, and can audit and remediate cloud infrastructure and applications with these findings in mind. Whether you are early in your adoption of best practice security and DevSecOps, or operate with an established set of standards from your CISO, Valtira can ensure that your footprint in the cloud is best of breed when it comes to security. Additionally, architecting not only for high uptime and availability, but keeping in mind Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are key directives when Valtira builds an application or audits an existing system.

Continuous Integration

Some projects start out small with one or two developers, who may need a single place to collaborate and push code just to ensure it gets deployed in the right location. Other projects have many more developers microservices, as well as strict requirements for security scanning and artifact repeatability. We work across many SaaS and self-hosted CI / CD solutions to build robust pipelines and enable development teams to deliver features faster. Whether you are operating in CircleCI, Github, Jenkins, Gitlab, Azure DevOps or Bamboo, we can work with you to enhance your time to deliverability and ensure the quality of your delivered web app or product. See our Edina Realty case study to see how we’ve improved deployments and release management across the board.

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