Cantel Medical

Cantel enlisted Valtira to redesign and re-architect its website experience across various properties and recent acquisitions. Cantel wanted a solution to enable affiliates to easily integrate with the platform, become one corporate website, support the larger strategy of advancing brand recognition, increasing sales, and a consistent experience for all users and visitors.

Marketing + Education

The redesigned website needed to not only promote their products but also help educate medical staff on how to use and clean products. That documentation can change often and we needed to determine an asset manager that could handle those requirements. The educational materials can be quite detailed and a lot of thought was given to making sure these materials scaled well on mobile. The end result was a successful pairing of promotional and educational materials.

Cantel Medical is a leading global company dedicated to delivering innovative infection prevention products and services for patients, caregivers, and other healthcare providers which contribute to improved outcomes. Cantel is now a part of Steris.


Combining various web properties into a single platform with educational materials woven throughout. Utilize Acquia Digital Asset Manager for organization of various content.


  • Consistent style guide
  • Responsive, reusable page templates
  • Increased customer conversions
  • Improved performance


The discovery phase started by interviewing key stakeholders at Cantel so Valtira’s UX team could guide the design and development teams in the next phase.

Here’s what we heard

  • Education is a big differentiator
  • Document management is important and needs improvement
  • Need easily searchable doc library
  • Content needs to be easy to manage and update
  • Need tools to better manage customer experience
  • Need better structure/hierarchy on site
  • Need easy search, navigation, solutions, and resources

User flows & wireframes

After discovery was complete, the design team got started on a wireframe prototype that was seamless and offered responsive scaling on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. This included 25-page templates, several modals, alerts, and small user interaction animations.

We created three user paths that had different content and resources within the site. This included non-logged-in users, logged-in users, and customer users. Cantel’s users span across the world, so the navigation included a geography selector to help all users access content in various languages

Technical Architecture

Our technical architecture approach is extensible both within the Medical division and to other divisions and regions across Cantel.


  • Fully managed hosting and security plan
  • Determined document library to allow a single update to refresh documentation across the site so that internal users and customers will see only the newest content
  • Determined CMS that will allow easy updates to prevent bottlenecks
  • Determine how to tie website activity to customer data
  • Plan to create page editing that is easy and structural