Valtira Delivers eCommerce for NutriSource to Expand Brand and Support Independent Pet Retailers

NutriSource is a leading provider of healthy pet foods with over 6,000 independent retailers across North America plus international distribution.

In 2019, the company embarked on a new initiative to meet the evolving needs of end customers by formalizing the NutriSource brand and adding an eCommerce purchase option. The goal was to better serve remote consumers, test market new products, and drive additional business to their independent retailers.

Valtira Delivers – From Planning to Deployment

To help NutriSource meet those goals, they selected Valtira to plan, develop, integrate, and deploy the new eCommerce system.

With limited eCommerce experience at the company, the NutriSource team leaned on Valtira’s expertise to help formalize the Shopify platform decision and deploy the new system.

“Valtira helped us put a plan together to lead us through the preparation and thought process of our new eCommerce system. They were also instrumental in the critical aspects of design and layout as well as thinking through the process, procedures, and implications of the system.”

Darren Fujii, NutriSource Chief Growth Officer.

Teaming Together for Success

The initiative started with Valtira working with the NutriSource team to formalize the eCommerce business model. Building on the experience on other eCommerce deployments, Valtira provided recommendations, guidance, and helped solidify that Shopify was the right platform for the solution.

During that same time, the NutriSource team was working on an enhanced brand for the line of pet foods. Based on the new brand standards, Valtira re-designed and built the updated NutriSource website using best-practices in experience and visual design. Valtira then helped load the product info, descriptions, and images into the Shopify system. The NutriSource team then adjusted the pricing and product variances and updated brand images and profiles.

During the last phase before launch, Valtira worked with the NutriSource IT group to integrate their Shopify and IFS ERP system. Test purchase scenarios were then flowed through the system and the team modified the WMS and ERP system to match the right ecommerce product combinations.

“The Valtira team was very responsive and did a great job managing the project which is very beneficial to a lean organization like ours. They are a great team to work with. The launch was very smooth and the project was on budget.”

Darren Fujii, NutriSource Chief Growth Officer.

Driving Demand to Independent Retailers

As part of the eCommerce strategy, NutriSource provides consumers with the option to find their nearest NutriSource dealers. In addition, when consumers make an on-line purchase, a letter and coupon is placed in their package which is only redeemable at an independent retail location.

Another goal of the eCommerce system is to learn the engagement and purchasing trends of their consumers to improve their products and support their network of retailers.  

New product launches will also be added to the eCommerce site as they come to market which will help build demand for the retailers.

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