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Responsive and Elegant Design

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Founded in 2003 in Minneapolis, Valtira has been challenging the norm and building innovative online solutions for almost two decades. We take pride in solving challenging problems with simple, responsive and elegant design. We create clean and intuitive user interfaces that solve business goals and utilize best practice functionality. We’ve been challenging the norm and building innovative online solutions for companies across the US for almost two decades.

A Small, Focused Team

We focus on developing a deep understanding of our client and their customers. We design experiences around unmet customer needs and opportunities. We leverage research, data and technology to improve our customer’s workflow both internally and externally.

We’ve learned that you can have a great technically architected back-end but without an intuitive user experience and visually appealing creative design users will not care about your app. We strive to streamline the user experience in every step of our process.

From competitive analysis to detailed, interactive prototypes, our team creates simple and intuitive user experiences that are always focused on business goals. We iterate with our clients until we’re confident we’ve modeled the right solution. From there we utilize the same materials to provide our development team with the guidance they need to build the right product and experience from the beginning.

Our Process

At Valtira, we believe human centered approach to design creates the best applications. We dig into what problems we’re solving and how users are going to use the product we’re creating. Every project is different but we generally follow this process:

This phase can start in many directions but typically we have a series of meetings with stakeholders where we identify the business needs of the new solution. If applicable, we will conduct a competitive analysis of products that are similar to what is being discussed.

From there we will produce user flows and requirements documentation to share with the team and iterate on. Once approved, we will move on to creating a rough set of wireframes that we share with the team to ensure the development team and all stakeholders are in agreement that we are addressing the product and business needs.

One we have a solid understanding of the requirements and have roughed out wireframes we will begin the prototyping process. We will outline each piece of functionality in the requirements and clearly outline all the user flows.

This is an iterative process between the design, development and stakeholder team to ensure all business requirements are being met and also that the development team can continue iterating on the technical architecture. We typically have weekly meetings during this phase that focus on feedback from the previous week and new progress made.

After approval of the detailed wireframes we will then apply the brand guidelines and visual styles to the prototype to illustrate the overall look and feel of the application. We will ensure the tool is consistent with your other applications and if style updates are being made we will create a new style guide to share with your team for use in other applications.

User testing can come at any phase of the project or it can be a part of all phases. We can help you determine a user group along with testing methodology to ensure the users will have an intuitive experience when the application is in production.

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