Caribou Coffee

Valtira converted Caribou Coffee’s desktop website to a responsive website, streamlining their content management processes and creating a more cohesive customer experience. For the past decade, we have partnered with Caribou on a wide range of projects.

Need and Solution

Valtira combined the desktop site with the mobile site by creating a high-fidelity prototype that scaled the current design down for mobile screens. We also created a series of updated menus focused on the mobile users. The end result saved a lot of administration time by not having to push updates and create assets for both individual sites.

Caribou Coffee operates one of the largest coffee shops in the nation and is expanding faster every year. To keep up with its growth their digital operations have to be very streamlined.

Project Highlights

  • InVision prototype highlighting all new scaling and functionality.
  • Creation of new menu structure that focused on the mobile user.
  • Backend built on Simplicis CMS enabling easy updates to the site.