ADA Compliance



The importance for 508 compliance has greatly escalated due to tightened federal mandates on subsidized businesses, providers, educational, and public service entities.

Legal Risk

Law firms across the country are launching practices that solely focus on prosecuting and defending companies with web accessibility suits and violations in 508 compliance.

Audits & Enforcement

The Department of Justice has declared new audit controls, enforcement and fining of companies and organizations who are not 508 compliant and cannot demonstrate efforts of progress.

Corporate Stewardship

Enhance web traffic and demonstrate excellence in corporate stewardship while avoiding bad press.

What We Do

Our methodology combines the best of automated reviews, expert page level reviews, UX reviews and technical reviews of your domain properties. We assess your site against WCAG 2.0 guidelines, with a focus on A-level, AA-level & AAA-level accessibility standards. We then organize our findings into prioritized groupings, producing efficient and comprehensive remediation coverage at the page level – with a total remediation plan that is developer-ready.

We produce a custom remediation plan that outlines errors, warning and recommendations for page level remediation efforts with visuals of updated page elements. We provide before-and-after code updates that show the proper development techniques needed for 508 compliance. Our approach also enables outsoucing of the remediation effort, site monitoring, support and mentoring of internal teams to keep your website(s) in 508 compliance.



Initial planning, domain inclusions and exclusions, WCAG level definition and project scheduling.

Identify & Assess

Template & page level definition, component identification, automated scanning and findings.

Review & Document

Page level and continued automated reviews. UX design and documentation of findings into Remediation Guide.


Code updates and development changes to page level elements and domain code base.


Scanned checks, quality assurance of code and full validation of UX elements and page remediation efforts.

Maintain & Mentor

Periodic scans of domains (with meetings) to discuss and fix new compliance issues and provide on-going mentorship of internal teams.

What you get

Site scans remediation guide, code snippets, dashboard updates, immediate remediation and compliance support.

Valued Partners

Caribou Coffee, Famous Dave’s, Medtronic

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