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Video Solutions

Since 2012, Valtira has been a leader in building speacialized streaming media services built to support millions of users

Our hybrid cloud approach provides best-in-class video streaming architecture built to scale.

RLJ Entertainment needed a custom API and development services to unite the billing subscriptions and account management, as well as maintain content across multiple channels and business organizations. They required a robust media platform that would manage media content across multiple channels and devices (mobile, Roku and others). With no suitable existing solutions available, they turned to Valtira to develop this infrastructure from the ground-up. We developed a robust platform for media management that integrates billing and reporting with platforms such as iOS, Samsung SmartTV, Amazon FireTV and Roku.

Building on our experience with RLJ Entertainment, we realized the media management was a common problem amongst our clients. Not only did they not have a great solution for hosting of their videos on their site but they didn’t retain control of their brand. As a result we launched the Sparq Video Platform, a serverless video content management system. Some of Sparq’s most popular features include:

• Hosting of videos with a customizable player.
• Advanced marketing tools aimed at growing your business.
• Meaningful analytics on who is watching your video content.
• Ability to create gated content for better business development and list building.
• Improved ROI with an ever-growing list of marketing and sales tools.
• Automatic push to YouTube, Facebook and embeds on your site ensuring your videos are never out of date.
• Creation of embeddable carousels that allow you to tell your story with groupings of content.
• Great SEO that makes your content crawlable on your website.

  • Customizable Player
  • Advanced Marketing Tools
  • Meaningful Analytics
  • Gated Content
  • Improved ROI
  • Automatic Push to YouTube and Facebook
  • Embeddable Carousels
  • SEO

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