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Super Bowl Host Committee

Valtira created an all new responsive online experience for the Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota

Valtira created a responsive online experience for users to stay informed, volunteer and get involved as Super Bowl 52 approached.

Due to the Super Bowl website being so high in traffic, especially as the day of the Super Bowl approached, Valtira implemented auto-scaling technologies to enable larger capacity across the globe, no matter the volume, the site will have zero downtime while at the same time optimizing cost. At launch, the site was focused on acquiring volunteers for the event. Users needed to select a role, register and get instructional information – the site acquired 10,000 volunteers who ensured the success of the event. As the site matured, the focus became on attendees planning their trip to the Super Bowl, this spread across newsletters, press, events, videos, ecommerce and social media initiatives.

Valtira also created a simple page for users to upload their virtual passing of the torch video. Once uploaded, we implemented several cloud services that stitched together the video from users all around the state without manual editing.
• Responsive design and development
• Auto-scaling technologies to enable high viewing across the globe
• Custom video upload and stitching campaign
  • Javascript
  • Lambda
  • VPC
  • AWS Autoscaling
  • S3

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  • 505 East Grant Street #300
  • Minneapolis, MN 55404