Sparq. The Complete Film Festival Lifecycle Solution

For many festivals, this year requires an abrupt shift to a completely online format. Plus, you want to deliver a first-rate experience for your film festival and juggling various technologies has added to the challenge.


Sparq provides a solution developed from the ground up by festival organizers for your online or in-person film festival. From submission to judging to programming to the festival itself and beyond.

Extends your investment in FilmFreeway

FilmFreeway provides a great platform for film submission, but planning and executing a successful festival doesn’t stop when creators submit their content. Sparq works directly with FilmFreeway to extend your festival management capabilities.

With Sparq, you add flexible judging, ability to ingest assets, and customized experience with both screening blocks and grouped content. And for the festival itself, you gain a streaming experience for your viewers that will make them want to come back for more. At the end of the festival, you have access to a time capsule of the event with analytics not available through FilmFreeway.

Eliminates Need for Multiple Technologies

Created by web festival pioneer, technology entrepreneur, and successful author, George Reese, Sparq provides a unified solution to meet the full lifecycle needs of the film festival industry.

No more need to manage multiple technologies such as Google Sheets, Google Forms, survey tools, social platforms, YouTube/Vimeo and more.  With Sparq and our integration with FilmFreeway you can more easily plan, manage, and review your film festival — allowing you more time to focus on maximizing your festival’s potential.

The Sparq platform enabled us to scale our festival and quickly pivot online with an improved experience for both us and our viewers.

George Reese, Festival Director, Minn Webfest

A Branded, Better Streaming Platform

YouTube and Vimeo work for some streaming needs. But for a true branded viewing experience, Sparq takes your film festival to the next level. Now you can provide screenings and live streaming of panels and sessions with paid or free viewing options. Engage viewers by enabling comments and the ability to easily share via social platforms.

Support for Both Online or In-Person Festivals

Sparq enables both online and in-person festivals and can flexibly adjust from one to the other. Select the options for your festival and provide the right signup and experience for all involved. Following the event, you will have detailed analytics to help you learn how to continue to evolve and improve your festival going forward.

Sparq helps:

  • Festival Directors
    One flexible solution with improved experiences for internal teams, filmmakers, judges, and viewers.
  • Content owners
    Ability to upload, IP protection, time capsule after event with more detailed analytics
  • Program Administrators
    Easy review and collection of data and simplified onboarding of judges
  • Judges
    Easy, customizable, fair judging providing a better experience for judges.
  • Viewers
    Improved experience and more professional streaming solution including paid or free viewing options.

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