Simplicis CMS

Simplicis Content Management System & Marketing Automation Platform

Central to our solution is Valtira's Content Management System - Simplicis, which was created by our own expert developers and has been refined and time-tested over the years and throughout all of our projects. Simplicis is a modular, scalable online marketing platform that offers a full range of online marketing capabilities.


Simplicis was created for you - the content owner. We want to provide a flexible platform that empowers business and content owners to easily create demand, improve ROI, and increase loyalty. Simplicis is a scalable, open, secure platform that helps you utilize the latest digital marketing strategies, including personalization, A/B testing, loyalty management, and much more. The system preserves creative and information architecture, as well as ingests content (RSS/Atom/Custom). The users and our customers drive many of its features and we are always looking to improve.

Marketing Dashboard

The Simplicis Marketing Dashboard allows users to search and analyze visitor trends and personalization effectiveness. The dashboard provides insights into user engagement and A/B test results, as well as acquisition reports. Determine the ROI of your inbound marketing and cross-sell/upsell.


  • Simple to use for non-technical individuals - easily update copy, images, templates, and meta-data.
  • Permission-based - rope off portions of your site based on individuals to control who can edit certain pages.
  • Promotions and Personalization - deliver targeted offers to your prospects and customize. Personalize by geography, domain, search term, and more.
  • Email/CRM integration - Integrate your email and CRM systems into your website for a complete cycle of outbound and inbound campaigns and tracking.
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