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Penny Pot

A secure, easy way to pay for great content on the web

Penny Pot allows users to pay for content anonymously across multiple websites without excess credit card fees. Business and personal users can create free accounts to begin making and receiving payments within minutes.

• Creation of great digital content isn’t cheap and people don’t want more subscriptions.
• The economics of ad driven revenue are tough for even the most popular sites.
• Banner ads, homepage takeovers, auto-playing ads just cheapen a brand.
• Privacy, ad retargeting and cross-browser tracking is increasingly annoying users who value their privacy
• Users cannot pay small one time access fees because credit card minimums of 35- 40c make this effectively impossible

• An easy, “one-click” wallet designed to support small payments - tips or paywall entrance.
• No minimum transaction fee, so payments can be a small as you would like.
• Used by many content providers so that we all benefit.
• Viewers support quality content while retaining their privacy.


  • Free for businesses

  • Easy 1-click payments

  • 2.75% fee charged for each transaction (No minimum)

  • Ethereum Blockchain Wallet Backend

Contact Us

  • 1219 S. Marquette Avenue #200
  • Minneapolis, MN 55403