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The Moscoe Group

Moscoe needed to test the feasibility of using the Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS) to scale its data warehousing efforts

Valtira designed a custom AWS environment that scaled with Moscoe's increasing needs.

To achieve this goal we designed and built an AWS environment that will scale easily as Moscoe’s needs increase. We imported Moscoe’s SQL Server data into Redshift using AWS best practices by exporting the SQL Server data as a CSV and using Redshift’s COPY command to import it. We then Built three custom Redshift Views based on the same views built within SQL Server, for example, the total sales calculation view. We then configured Tableau to talk to Redshift from Moscoe’s office and test the SQL query performance. Then, we built a system to ingest data from Moscoe’s customers. This system used a Lambda function to pull data down from a vendor’s Accellion file-sharing system at a periodic interval. This data is then transmitted to S3 where another Lambda function was invoked to run a Redshift COPY command that imports the data.
• Setup, configure and fill Redshift with the data Moscoe currently housed in SQL Server.
• Tested Moscoe’s Tableau SQL queries against Redshift.
• Built S3/Lambda/DynamocDB-based infrastructure to import CSV files filled with data to load into Redshift.
• Built a Jenkins system to allow Moscoe to easily configure new vendors.
  • SQL Server
  • Jenkins
  • Tableau
  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS Autoscaling
  • AWS Cloudfront
  • AWS S3

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