Mobile Apps

Whether you’re updating an existing mobile app or creating a new one all-together, Valtira can help create usable apps that are built to scale.

From startups to fortune 500’s, our team builds cost-effective, useful and usable apps with a focus on improving customer experience. We start by meeting with stakeholders and developing a clear understanding of the apps goals and MVP functionality. We then create high-fidelity prototypes that ensure each goal of the project is being met prior to moving into development.

What we do

Valtira provides a unique and proven approach through all phases of a mobile app project. The goal is to provide a framework for an iterative, phased process. Each iteration and phase flow from the previous one to allow for feedback and the ability to adapt to shifting priorities. We chunk out each project into four distinct phases (Discovery, Design, Development and Deployment), each with its own timeline, deliverables, and revisions.

A scalable backend

Our engineers focus on creating a solid backend that can scale to your business and millions of users. We can help prioritize functionality into sprints to create a launchplan and budget that fits your roadmap.