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FPI Testers

Valtira created an online portal that serves as the hub of the company's tester recruitment that allows a respondent to build a profile and schedule taste tests

A Web Application Created to Scale FPI’s Business and Deliver Results

Food Perspectives, Inc. (FPI - now Eurofins/Tasteocracy) provides consumer research for global brands. The company operates an online booking system that schedules, and qualifies candidates for product research testing.
FPI required an online system for recruiting testers and qualifying them to ensure that the correct demographic and test frequency parameters are met. This involves a detailed, dynamically dependent survey and scheduling system.
Valtira created an online portal that serves as the hub of the company’s tester recruitment. The system allows a respondent to sign-up, manage their profile and household information, qualify and schedule for taste tests.
The solution leverages the AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service) to manage the interaction between the database and the Simplicis system to guarantee timely synchronization of the configured taste tests and the respondent profile information.
• A responsive redesign that allows users to register, sign up for events, manage accounts, and more.
• Salesforce CRM integration to better manage respondent records
• Logo design
• Re-architected backend
• Utilized AWS cloud services: CloudFront CDN, EC2 Instances with Elastic Load Balancers, RDS
• Backend built on Tomcat/AWS Beanstalk, SQS Messages
  • CloudFront CDN
  • Amazon EC2
  • Elastic Load Balance
  • RDS
  • Tomcat/Ubuntu
  • SAPI Messages

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