BundleBuy by Valtira

Enhance Your Shopify Bundling Capabilities to Increase Sales and Client Satisfaction

BundleBuy helps merchants:

  • Increase average order value
  • Improve customer buying engagement
  • Create custom bundles
  • Promote slow selling items
  • Curate buying experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Product bundling is not just including multiple products in singular offer. It is a dynamic way to sell your product to your customers curating the items they can select and then build their own custom bundle. Enabling a flexible and complete bundling solution allow you to gain sales opportunities, engage customers, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

However, bundling is not just including multiple products in one offering. It is a dynamic way to sell your product to your customer, but without enabling a flexible and complete bundling solution, you miss sales opportunities, confuse clients, and increase your customer support costs.

Built by Valtira, a Shopify Plus Certified Partner, BundleBuy takes your bundling capabilities to the next level.

Improve bundling flexibility

In many situations, merchants can only set up static bundles that the customer cannot customize. Adding the ability for a customer to build their own bundle improves the overall buying experience while still allowing you to control pricing and product options.

With BundleBuy, you can create customizable bundles more flexibly and on the fly. Select a group of products and a quantity to allow your customers full customization of their bundle. You can also deliver a bundling experience that guides customers through selecting one product from specific collections.

Enhance clarity of your bundles

Oftentimes, customers will add a product bundle to their cart, but then lose their visibility into the details of the individual products (e.g., size, quantity, price, discount).  Because of this, customers get confused and generate customer support issues.

Reduce confusion by clearly identifying products that are in the bundle as well as pricing and discounts.

Valtira enabled us to have a much more flexible Shopify-based bundling offering for customers adding more options and customization capabilities that our clients were asking for.” 

Noah Chaimberg
Founder and Hot Sauce SommelierHeatonist

Increase average order value and promote select products

Many merchants are hampered by their bundling solution which limits their ability to increase average order value or the size of the cart. This is due to the lack of flexibility to change bundles on the fly or allow customers to create their own bundles.

With BundleBuy, you can easily update bundles and allow customers to create their own bundles to help increase average order value. You can also easily pair slower selling products with faster selling to decrease inventory.

Increase customer satisfaction

On many platforms, product bundling strips the individual products of monetary value other than as viewed as part of the entire bundle. This causes confusion for the customer – especially if a customer needs to  return a single or multiple items from a bundle.

With BundleBuy, individual product information is consistently displayed throughout the purchasing process including the cart, checkout, order confirmation, and the packing list. This provides clear information for customers and improves customer satisfaction if a return needs to be processed. 

Key Features

Bundle Setup

  • Setup new bundle including name, image, and description 
  • Use existing collections to quickly build bundle offer
  • Set a price that is not dependent on the individual components’ prices

Customer Bundling Experience

  • Customers can create custom bundles
  • Product prices clearly displayed in cart and checkout 
  • Merchant can display available bundles on dedicated page
  • Merchant can customize order of products in bundles
  • Provide for easy identification of bundles in packing list

Bundling Administration

  • No coding required. Simple to use administration UI
  • Create new bundles
  • Edit, activate and deactivate existing bundles 
  • Customize packing slips to meet fulfillment needs
  • Transfer bundle details to 3rd party apps via Shopify API

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