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Our Approach

Valtira provides a unique and proven approach through all phases of the project. The goal is to provide a framework for an iterative, phased process. Each iteration and phase flow from the previous one to allow for feedback and the ability to adapt to shifting priorities. We chunk out each project into four distinct phases, each with its own timeline, deliverables, and revisions.


We plan the strategic, creative, functional, and technical aspects of the website or web app during the discovery phase. This phase is of utmost importance to the project as the deliverables will be the basis for not only the website build-out but the overall digital strategy. We also outline the Key Performance Indicators or KPI's during this stage.

The Information Architecture dictates the structure of the site and validates the user's path from entry to conversion. Wireframes highlight how each page type is laid out on both desktop and mobile devices. Our user experience team determines how to best layout each page for an intuitive and user-centric experience on every page of the website. Once IA, Wireframes, and UX are complete we take the detailed wireframes and translate them to clean and artful experiences that fit your brand.
Using the delivered design and strategy documentation, our team of developers merges the design with the technology. The development phase is performed as a series of sprints delivering functionality as it is completed in accordance with the project plan and technical architecture. Ongoing status reports and development deliverables are created and tested in-line as they are completed.
Once completed, the site is thoroughly tested against the documented test plans and submitted to the client for acceptance testing. Upon acceptance, the site is moved from the development environment to the production server and made live.

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