Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity partnered with Valtira to redesign their customer experience for selecting a home on their website. Homebuyers go through the application process and receive access to their personalized selections making it easy for them to view and select homes without the need for paper mailings.

Needs and Challenges

In the past, the selection process for a home was a mixture of digital and paper mailings. This made it difficult for the Habitat for Humanity team to target their goals and for families to understand the process. Valtira was brought in to evaluate the full user experience, provide an architecture plan, and build the new responsive listing website.


After homebuyers go through the application process, they receive access to their personalized selections. The website redesign allowed users to browse homes, favorite properties, ask questions about the home, and select homes for review. This streamlined the selection process for families in one space and helped the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity team guide their clients.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity works to create and preserve affordable homeownership in partnership with working families. They also bring the community together to build homes and hope.

Project Highlights

  • Salesforce integration with secured credentials that houses all data
  • WordPress and Elementor CMS integration for the listing application for easy internal updates
  • Emails drawing homebuyers to listings with calls-to-action sent via salesforce
  • 360 degree view of homebuyer profile in Salesforce allowing better administration of programs

Technical Architecture

The front end application was built using WordPress and Elementor. The backend of the application was built on Salesforce and AWS.

UX and Visual Design

The UX team was able to leverage the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity digital brand guideline, making the prototype process very smooth. We worked closely with the client’s stakeholders to determine all possible templates, user scenarios, filtering options, modals, and the submittal process.

This resulted in a high-fidelity responsive prototype that gave our development team full direction. In the end, the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity website stands up to major real estate listing websites and provides a personalized experience for new homebuyers.